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Bluffing Tips

Poker is all based around a game of bluffing and impressions in the sense that you must never let your opponent know what cards you have, and although in that sense it sounds like an easy task it is far more difficult than people realise - especially when coming up against experienced poker players. The best poker players in the world have trained themselves to be able to detect any sort of expression, emotion or thought being made by their opponents that may reveal what hand they have.

A ‘tilt’ is an expression used in Poker Online and basically means that when a player makes a mistake due to something upsetting them emotionally, can also be described as ‘being on a tilt’. A good example would be if a player felt they had a very good hand and was confident enough to raise the bet only to lose to a higher hand. It can affect the rest of their play due to being emotionally upset about losing on a good hand which can cause them to make a bad decision continuously. Another instance of a player being on a tilt would be if they’re being overly loud, obnoxious, rude and other wise annoying. This can put the player off and increase the odds of them making bad decisions. Although, it’s a great proof of skill to be able to realise when an opponent is on a tilt it is far more important to understand and detect when you are, and determine a way to keep your expression/emotion unchanged.

It is sometimes easier for some than others to understand when you’re on a tilt, but a good way to recognise this would be to keep a record of your playing sessions. If you notice that you are consistently playing a weaker hand due to a few bad beats it’s more than likely you’re playing on a tilt.

When an opponent is visibly playing on a tilt it is important to remember a few things to be able to take advantage of their situation. Player’s playing on a tilt can often be unpredictable but entering the pot with a weaker hand is something they will often do. It is also good to know that players may try to lure you in to thinking they are on a tilt when they actually aren’t, so make sure to not be too rash with your betting stakes until you feel absolutely sure - deception of course is the name of the game.


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