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Familiarity Breeds Recklessness

Unibet odds review: Roberto Romanello is one of the most popular professional poker players in today’s game. The Welshman has won over $2.5 million in live career earnings that include two of the three majors: a European and World Poker tour title. He is a humble man and a great ambassador of the game. He is also someone for which familiarity can breed recklessness, and it’s a lesson we can all do well to learn from.

There are three areas that Romanello finds himself playing poker. They are his local casino, online and the professional live tournament scene. When Romanello is playing in the latter arena he is switched on. He will do everything he can to ready himself for the game; his A game. If there is such a thing as the zone then the man from Gorseinon will find it.

When Romanello returns home and plays with his friends at the local casino, things change. He becomes relaxed, it feels more sociable and his game relaxes as well. He loosens up and starts to gamble instead of making the correct play. He will get involved in prop bets and is more likely to get carried away with the banter. These games are not small games. These games can even hurt people like Romanello from a financial standpoint.

In the online realm Romanello has a habit of following his win streak. He likes to play six-max Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) cash games in the region of $5/10. But he has a habit of making a profit and then taking that profit to the higher games. Games he is not rolled for. It’s not long before he has lost his money.

Familiarity can breed recklessness. Even in the very best. And yet familiarity is exactly what a top player needs. They need to stay on that A Game irrespective of the game that they play. Sameness is goodness.


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