Physics Rule in the Game of Poker

While sitting on the poker table you need to keep your eyes and ears open so that you can make out interpretations from the activities that are going around. You need to notice how many times a player sitting at the table mumbles about the pot commitment and justifies his throwing away of more chips on the losing hand. Notice that a player who moans about his beat and is still paying up to see the cards, is the one who cannot stop themselves from throwing the chips since they are completely take over by the momentum. This is very exhausting in fact and if it's too much tension for you we offer you to play blackjack online, but if you feel you can handle it pretty well, this article may give you clear view of poker tools and mobile poker at


Newton's law

Here is an example that can relate the law given by Sir Isaac Newton to the game of poker. In a tournament, the blinds were made of around $25 to $50. Suppose you are in a big blind then suddenly the player in the middle position raised the blind to $100. As a result two players called off before the action gets back to you. Now, if you were having 3-4 off suits and then the price was almost right that was required to see the flop. This means that the flop will come down as 5-6-7 rainbow. Remember that though this flop was good but it was too dangerous. Though you had an ignorant end for the straight but since you didn’t want to lose to the higher straight, you need to bet out for $500 immediately. This will make the initial raiser to call instantly and then the other two players will make a fold. Now when the turn was of an Ace, you need to bet out at least $1000 before the card can hit the felt. So now your opponents will call before the chips can hit the felt. Now, since the dealer was about to turn over to the river card, the opponent was ready to call with the chips. As a result you need to bet out other $2000. This will lead the opponent to call almost simultaneously. Then you can turn over your straight so make him surprised. But in case he had an A-8, he had an open end with the straight on the flop, and has top pair on the turn, and then there is no help in the river.

So this example shows that the opponent was reacting towards the entire hand without even thinking about the things. This implies that he was a fast and a loose player but he can also be very reflexive and deliberate when required.

He could have easily saved some money, but this could have been possible if he had raised a flop or a turn. If he could have found that you were having a good hand and can beat him then he could have turned the game Casino mobile. In this whole example you have put him into the rhythm where he was overtaken by the physics laws and was not able to stop himself full text of the article here


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