Blackjack - Everything a Beginner Would Need to Know

First things first: in blackjack, every player only plays against the dealer and not the other players. A player’s objective would be to keep drawing cards until the hand equals to, or comes close to, 21 without going over 21 and beat the dealer. If your initial cards equal 21 from the off, you get a blackjack. If your dealer has a higher card value that is nearer 21 compared to your hand, the dealer wins.

Before the cards get dealt, players need to make their bets by placing them on the space in front of their seats. Then, the dealer will give out two cards for every table player, plus two for himself. The dealer’s card will be placed face-up and face-down. Any face cards will count as 10, Aces count as 1 or 11 and every other cards count as their actual face value.

Since casinos tend to be extremely noisy, the preferred signaling method to hit and stand would be a hand signal. No steadfast and hard rules exist to these hand signals, but norms do. If cards get dealt face-down and hits are wanted, gently and lightly draw the cards’ corner across the table twice. If cards get dealt face-up, point to them to hit or merely use your finger to scratch the table. You should also nod while you do this.

If the hand of the dealer is 16 or less, another card needs to be taken. If the hand of the dealer is 17 or more, standing is necessary. Sometimes, casinos allow dealers to hit on soft 17s, giving the casino more of an edge.

If players get natural blackjacks, rules state that the payback should be 1.5-to-1 or 3-to-2. This would mean that bets of 25 will pay off at 37.50 with a natural blackjack. You can always know more about blackjack bonuses.

After getting your cards, you can double down, which means doubling your bet. Several casinos only let this happen on total counts of 9 to 11, though some of them let people double down anytime. If your initial two cards offer up an appropriate total with face-down cards, flip them over and place the exact same amount similar to the original bet next to your chips.

When playing face-up, simply put an equal chip amount next to the original bet while saying ‘double’. You will then get another card and move to a new hand.

If you hold a pair you wish to split, let the dealer know to place both cards several inches apart. Your original bet goes with a card and an equal bet needs to be given to a brand new hand, turning your game into two independent hands with the same standard rules.


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