Light Wand

It was invented by one of the most sophisticated slots gamers and cheaters - Tommy Glenn Carmichael. Up till now this device is sought after by some gamers in order to obtain winning slots gaming, check Latest Poker Bonuses for instance.

Purposes of usage

Light wand is traditionally used in physical slots gambling. In general, all physical winning tools are used by the gamers in order to cheat the slot machine mechanism and make it fail to register the proper payouts. No matter, whether the gamers resort to holding the slots open or simply blinding the slots in order to prevent its recognizing of the appropriate amount of coins being put in it, all the winning tricks and tools are known to be very hard to implement. It is known to be pretty risky, besides, the majority of such devices like money cheats, light wand, sabotage and the others demand the team work rather than single person participation.


Light wand was constructed by Tommy Glenn Carmichael. The principle of the functioning is approximately the same as with the monkey wire. The only difference is the fact that the light wand was designed to work when the monkey wire was no longer working. The characteristic feature of device was the fact that it was very small and light and consisted of the tiny light, wire and also the small battery.

Functioning of light wand

Slot mechanism is known to make use of the particular optical device that is designed for counting of the coins correctly after they are put into the slot machine if the winning combination is matched. The light wand is aimed at being inserted into the slots through the hopper for coins. The light wand must be placed in such a way that it can simply blind the special optical slots reader. In such a way when the winning combination is hit, the slots are more likely to be emptied with such a tool, and the gamer can pass over to the next mechanic victim.

It is interesting to know that Tommy Glenn managed to hit the jackpot while using the light wand tool. But for the help of Tommy’s girl, he might have been caught. Retrieving of the tool is not less risky than its insertion. The same is with the monkey wire tool. Anyway all these tricks can be applied when at online casinos as here only smart play matters. Of course you can follow some wise secrets but all they are legal and can be reproduced by many players at a time.


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