Poker Tips for Beginners to Help Them Get on the Right Track

People who are just beginning at poker would find it hard to win any money or break even too. The tips given below would help you get on the right track to become a winning player not only playing poker but also blackjack online.

Poker is just one of the games you can find at online casinos. You might be surprised to know that online pokies are, in fact, the most popular casino games on the globe.


Before you begin playing poker at real money casinos you must ensure that you are getting back some of your rake back. Almost all poker rooms would take a rake from every hand that you would be playing, but some of them would give back a percentage of it. This would save you quite a lot of money in the long run. There would be only a selected few room and online poker sites that would provide a rake back. Saving money is as good as winning money so ensure that you get a good percent of rake back from where ever you decide to play.

1] Be selective

Most beginners make the mistake of playing too many hands. You would have to be selective with your starting hands and only play the ones that are likely to win you more money. Playing all hands would only empty your pockets sooner than you thought.

2] Don't bluff too often

You don’t really need to bluff too much to win. Bluffing does not work every time, and bluffing often is definitely not advisable. If you are just beginning try to just play your cards the best you can rather than bluffing.

3] Think about your opponent

In poker it is important to think of your opponent and the hands that he would be having. If you only think of your own hand you would be ignoring the fact that he could have a hand better than yours. Think on a higher level and try to figure out all the types of hands your opponent could have given the situation and if you would be willing to go ahead with your hand given the possibilities.

4] Play against weaker players

In the long run, if you are playing against opponents who are weaker than you then you would be able to win more. So, you must put in some effort to look out for tables and games where there would be players weaker than you playing.

5] Keep your position in mind

The position at the table is very important. This approach belongs to popular poker tools. The best place on the table would be where you would be able to act last, like on the button. This way you can see how your opponents are playing, get information on the kind of hands that they be having before you have to act. A good position can make a lot of difference, even more than the cards in some situations so it is important to choose the right position.

6] Stay focused

Concentrate on the game when you are playing and watch you opponents every move. See how they play, what kinds of hands they play and learn from them. The more information you have about them, the easier it is to win.

7] Don’t play for too much money

When you are a beginner you shouldn’t play for too much money. The players would usually be better and there would be lesser chance for you to win. And other than that you should be able to afford the game. At these tables you would not be able to afford loosing so it is better to avoid those tables.

8] Don't chase draws

If your opponents are putting in high bets it is better not to go on playing to chase after a draw. But if there is no heavy betting going on then it is wise to call just in hopes of making a good hand.

9] Don’t over-value suited cards

Suited cards are not that great actually and flushes are not really that common. So if you go through the whole hand with suited cards trying to make a flush when there is high betting going on you are likely to loose out a lot of money.

10] Know all the rules.

Know all the rules wherever you are playing before you start to play.


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