Varieties of craps 

In most casinos classic rules of craps apply. The game is played under familiar conditions. The process includes the same steps.

But still differences occur, and sometimes they are very significant. Usually the differences concern the types of bets available. Sometimes the payout coefficients for some types are different.

Particularly frequent discrepancies in online casinos. Software developers allow themselves to deviate from the traditional canons, so always read the rules of new models carefully.

Pros and cons of craps in online casinos 

Most fans of gambling entertainment can regularly play craps only at online casinos. This format has only one significant disadvantage:

The lack of a unique atmosphere that cannot be recreated on a computer screen.
On the other hand, craps in electronic casinos has several advantages:

  • Availability anywhere you can get online,
  • Variety of models of well-known brands,
  • Wide betting ranges,
  • No additional costs,
  • The ability to test online casino craps for free,
  • Availability of mobile versions for smartphones,
  • No prohibition on the use of cheats and betting systems,
  • Other perks of online gambling: bonuses, promotions, comp points and so on.

Playing craps online is really convenient. To make this process safe, choose reliable casinos with the help of expert reviews and real customer reviews.

The best craps models of the leading brands are listed in a special section of the website.

Craps at live casinos with real croupiers 

Currently, many online portals give the opportunity to play live craps with real dealers. The tables are set in the studios. They are served by croupiers, leading the gameplay.

Continuous video broadcasting allows you to follow what is happening on the computer screen. Bets need to be placed through a special program. Winners are determined automatically, and the system gives them a payout.

Now live casino craps is available on the platforms of several leading providers of software for "live" casino.

How to learn to play craps? 

There are plenty of online craps instructors willing to give you craps lessons for free, but don't spend money on Craps classes. The publications at Casinoz will allow you to save money.

Stick to this order:

  • Carefully study the articles about the basic rules of craps.
  • Pick a simple game strategy that doesn't use multiple bets.
  • Practice in free mode by playing in the online casino.
  • Test more sophisticated techniques to maximize theoretical returns.
  • Find online craps with the most favorable rules.
  • At first, play at low stakes to get fully acquainted.
  • If you visit offline casinos, observe what is happening near the table without risking your money. You need to understand all the steps and terms.  

Tips for Newcomers to Craps 

A few useful tips on how to win at craps more often.

  • Study the rules thoroughly before you play for money.
  • Practice first by playing craps for free.
  • Figure out the RTP in different types of bets and give preference only to the most profitable.
  • To play in a real casino, you need to learn the rules of the table. This is especially important if you are going to perform as a shooter.
  • Learn the basic terms of craps.
  • Don't trust betting systems that are all sorts of progressions. They are not capable of relieving you of the casino's mathematical advantage. Martingale does not work at craps.
  • Compare the rules of online craps models. They may have different payout ratios for certain bets.

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