Online casino: how can you make money with cryptocurrencies?

With the advent of digital technology, players increasingly use online casinos because of the many advantages these "new generation" offer. The field of finance has not remained indifferent to the benefits of digital technology either. The birth of Bitcoin was in 2009, and the first cryptocurrency has also changed habits. We now speak of digital currency. According to a survey, cryptocurrencies now have over 100 million followers worldwide. We now see an alliance between online casinos and cryptocurrencies to facilitate transactions.

In this article, we will see how to choose your online casino when you want to make money, and then we will see how this merger of "online casino - cryptocurrency works.

Top 3 strategies to win at online casino

Apart from being a simple game of fun and entertainment, playing online casinos is a way to make money. To do this, you need to use the right strategies. Let's take a brief look at some of them:

Mastering the strategy of the games

Not all games are the same, and each has its own rules and strategies. While it is true that luck and chance are elements that characterize online casino games, it is essential to know that many of the games are also based on logic and mathematics. Whether you want to play poker, slots, roulette, or any other game, you need to know a little about it. To play blackjack, you need to know how to count. On the other hand, in roulette, martingale strategies will be of great help.

Make good use of bonuses

Online casinos are often "very generous". As soon as you sign up, you receive a "welcome bonus" bonus. Although the amount of this bonus is not standard for all casinos, it allows you to make your first wagers. Although it is free, this first deposit into your account can make you a lucky player if you are fortunate and adopt the best strategies. Free spins, cash bonuses, and deposit bonuses are gifts that online casinos offer you to keep you loyal and give you more chances to win.

Choosing the right online casino

The online casino, unlike the physical, is based on the virtual. Therefore, you have to be much more careful. Trusting serious guides and comparators is essential, especially if you are just starting. CCIF is an excellent guide if you want to play at online casinos. Not only does this site offer you an up-to-date list of the best online casinos, but it also provides you with tips on how to increase your chances of winning.

Online casino and cryptocurrency

Using cryptocurrencies to pay bills has become a much more common practice today. Many online casinos have decided to adapt to this new payment method to make it easier for players to make deposits and withdrawals. Among the many cryptocurrencies on the market, bitcoin is the most popular for several reasons. The first reason is that this cryptocurrency, already at its creation, has been able to put forward the "anonymity" character that characterizes all transactions. The value of bitcoin has been in total growth since 2018, which makes this currency very interesting.

The evolution of bitcoin has also positively impacted other cryptocurrencies since we noticed their increased use. Online casinos also encourage using cryptocurrencies since bonuses are often offered to players who adopt them as a payment method.

Start with the welcome bonus

Winning a maximum of money, the jackpot, as they say, is the dream of all casino players. But it is not easy, and before winning so much, it is interesting to start with nothing to lose, that is to say, to leave with at least your initial stake and, if possible, a little more.

It's a good idea to make a little extra money by playing a few games at the casino. But to do this, you need to find a casino that you feel comfortable in, with benefits, especially for online casinos.

So, before you start your adventure on the green carpet of poker tables and other card games, choosing the right casino is essential. To do this, you can visit to compare online poker rooms.

It is necessary to have a starting bet to get started. To do this, the casinos have planned everything and often offer a welcome bonus. With this bonus, you can test the casino without putting in a bet of your own money. This bonus will open the casino's doors, and you will be able to discover the different games and atmospheres, especially test the games, learn the rules, and see if you can win.

The bonus is available as soon as you register. And what is interesting is that if you are not satisfied, you have not paid anything from your funds. You can test another online casino.

By comparing the most famous and most used casinos, you can see at a glance what each one offers and therefore choose the ones that seem most accessible and that correspond to you. The idea is to make a selection and select three of them. Then, it is important to go to the technical sheet of each of these three casinos to see the differences, what they offer in particular, how the payments are managed, and the flow of money, whether the initial bets or the winnings. It is essential to read the site's terms of use and to check the security elements for the money transfer. You will also get explanations on how the bonus and other benefits work and the terms of use. After reading each of the three casinos on your shortlist, you must choose the casino you want to register at.

Once you've signed up, you can start playing using the welcome bonus and try to win money that you can either reinvest in wagering or win and put into your account. It all depends on the conditions that the casino offers.

As you can see, comparing the advantages and casinos between them is essential to play safely.

How to play with bitcoins

Online casinos, like bitcoin, are in a virtual world. It is a great asset for their interactions. Making deposits and withdrawals is relatively trivial and quick when using bitcoin. First, you need an electronic wallet on which you store cryptocurrencies. Then, you make your bets by determining the amount to be withdrawn. However, some online casinos may require the conversion of BTC into a local currency (Euro, Dollar ...). To withdraw your winnings, you just have to do the opposite. In other words, choose the payment method (Bitcoin) and the amount you want to transfer. Unlike bank transfers which can take 48 hours and sometimes even seven days, a bitcoin withdrawal takes less than 2 hours.

We would like to note that the variable exchange rate of bitcoin is sometimes a cause of reluctance to use it.


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