Aiming to Win the Pot? Not Necessary to Make Profit

The average pokers always aim at winning the pot. This is not the right approach as the objective of the poker is winning in a long term, as most of players participate not in several game rounds but playing poker at least several houses. Of course, that is always great to make profit (just like in any other casino game, blackjack online for example) and for that winning pot is not important.  When you aim to win more pots, you need bet and raise on every occasion. Only if you get the best hand in the showdown or if the other players pass their calls, then only you can win the pot.

It is evident that you can keep winning pots if your money lasts longer. Think practically, how long can you make your money last when you have to call and raise all the time. There are all the chances that you will lose and that makes very clear that aiming to win the pots is definitely not gainful.

All that matters in the game of poker is the hands that you get and how you play them. Therefore, taking right decisions is everything that matters to make profit. Folding is a good decision, but you have to fold properly to make money.


How to get profit

Some people might get confused and wonder how they can make profit while throwing away the hand. But this technique belongs to some of the poker tools. Doesn’t that signify that the money is lost? The answer is not, in case you have folded the cards in the right manner. The difference between the money that you would have made because of incorrect decisions and the money that you have got because of right decision is profit. This is a genuine difference and hence folding is gainful. Consider few illustrations on how folding can earn extra profit.


Tips to end up as a winner

1. Folding your biggest hands is the easiest and most advantageous also. Don’t make your hand look big to your opponents and they will bet a strong hand. The absolute size of the hand does not matter; rather it is the pot’s size and the probability that will make you the winner.

2. It is always advantageous to fold when raising and calling are not profitable. When you are folding you are not spending your money, but you have to do so definitely if you aim to the win the pots. You will face several situations where you have to spend by calling and raising if you go for winning pots. If you choose to fold in such situations, you are not loosing money and hence it is profitable.

3. Deceive the opponents that you will raise or call, when you fold a strong hand that appears feeble. The opponents would aim to take shots at you at unanticipated times if you make it apparent that you are ready to lay down big hands.

4. Take proper decision before overcalling. It is not profitable to overcall on the river when your hand is not strong enough than what is needed for making the first call. Again, if you do not have proper strength, do not indulge into second overcalling on the river.

5. When you are playing hold’em, folding must be made on the flop or prior to the flop. With defensive hands, hardly commit yourself further.

6. Folding is an art where you have to pretend to the opponents that haven’t folded a particular hand. When you are playing against at and experienced poker who knows that you have got a strong hand, take a call, even it is not a profitable proposition at the moment. If the knowledgeable opponents get to know that you have laid down strong hands, they will definitely take your advantage.

7. Sometimes folding can turn a rival player who does not bluff at all into a player who bluffs rarely. Such folding can cost you as you would have no idea when he will whip a pot from you. Stay away from making prominent folds.


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