Cards and Poker Hand Nicknames

Due to the great history and many other stories connected with poker, this game has many interesting names and not officials terms. Those familiar with other gambling games like blackjack online, online roulette or slots games know that every game starts with terms and equipment and every choice of casino begins with gambling legal issues. Below there is the listing of the traditional poker individual card and poker hand nicknames you can find at any gambling directory or the guide to poker tools. You could have heard some names and they made you a little confused. In order to avoid such situations look through the most widespread as well as not so common nicknames. You must notice that casino games some hands and cards received the names thanks to various associations, visual resemblance and historical facts. Of course these are not the official card names and poker hand nicknames, nonetheless, they can be applied very often by the experienced poker players.

Paired Starting Poker Hand Nicknames

AA - Pocket Rockets, Bullets

KK - Cowboys, Kangaroos

QQ - Siegfried & Roy, Four Tits, Double date, and Canadian Aces, Jailhouse Rock, The Hilton Sisters, Mop Squeezers

JJ - Hooks, and Fishhooks, Jay Birds

TT - Tension, Dimes, Boxcars, and Dynamite, and TNT

99 - Popeye's, Phil Hellmuth, and Gretzky, German virgins

88 - Snowmen, and Fat Ladies, Dog Balls, Double Infinity, Little Oldsmobile and Octopussy and Infinities

77 - Walking Sticks and Hockey Sticks

66 - Route 66, Boots

55 - Speed Limit and Presto

44 - Magnum and Sail Boats

33 - Treys and Hooters

22 - Ducks, and Quack Quack

Not paired Starting Poker Hand Nicknames

AK - Santa Barbara, and Big Slick, Walking back to Houston

AQ - Big Slut

AJ - Jackass, and Blackjack, and Ajax

AT - Johnny Moss

A8 - Dead Man's Hand

A5 - High Five

A3 - Friday The 13th, Baskin and Robbins, Ashtray

A2 - Hunting Season

KQ - Mixed Marriage and Marriage

KJ - Tucson Monster, King John and Harry Potter

KT - Katie

K9 - Fido

K8 - Kate

K7 - Columbia River

K3 - Three Kings and Commander Crab and Alaska Hand, and King Crab

QJ - Oedipus

Q7 - Computer Hand

Q5 - Granny Mae

Q3 - San Francisco Busboy

J5 - Rock and Roll and Motown

J4 - Flat Ties, and Hooks, Flat tyre

T8 - Tetris

T7 - Bowling Hand

T5 - Woolworths, Nickel and Dime, Five and Dime

T4 - Convoy, Trucker’s Special, and Roger That, and Over and Out and Trucker

T2 - Texas Dolly

98 - Oldsmobile

96 - Big Lick, Happy Meal

95 - Nine to Five, and Hard Working Man

94 - Joe Montana Banana

92 - Twiggy

87 - RPM

84 - Big Brother

83 - Most ferared hand in Hold'em

76 - Union Oil

57 - Heinz

72 - Hammer

54 - Colt, and Jesse James


Individual Cards

Ace - Rocket, and Bullet

King - Cowboy

Queen - Lady, and Dyke, Girl and Cowgirl

Jack - Knave and Hook, Fishhook, Johnny and Jackal

10 - Dime

9 - Nina Ross and Niner

8 - Snowman, Fat Lady

7 - Hockey Stick

6 - Boot

5 - Nickel

4 - Sharp Top

3 - Trey, Crab

2 - Quacker, and Duck



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