How to Be a Smart Poker Player

There is a need to play smartly. One should not allow his opponents to have an idea as to what would be your options and how would you play your moves Mr. Green Casino. It is a common practice in hold’em to play draws if we possess correct position or odds on the fellow players. If such things do not happen then flush draws or fold your straight.  This fact proves that playing hands in the similar fashion in all situations should not be done. If you do so, you become predictable and the opponents can easily take the advantage causing your loss.  It is not a blackjack online where you do not encounter such problems, even while using the best blackjack strategy.

There are other advantages also for raising with a draw. One instance would be like the other players might opt to fold and you get the pot by providing upper hand to your rivals. You can also get free card on the river or have a fabulous hand afterwards. The opponents might keep in mind your previous semi bluff and you get paid off. Take this into account and use other poker tools.

Check it out

You have 9d – 10d and you are expecting a flop with other two opponents and what arrives is 8d -7s -2h. This is a straight draw combination with two over cards. What you do is check, the opponent on your left also does the same and the other opponent bets. Check raise is what you are intended to do by multiplying the initial bet with three. Both the opponents fold. In this case, the second opponent got 8-9 and the third opponent got Q- K. You raised and you eradicated the second player who got pair of eights and also the player who got six outs with the three kings and queens. In this way, you easily got the pot.

After the flop, it is the tendency of the player with position to make small bet and get the pot without having anything. He does that because the other players have proved their weaker hands by checking. Generally, players sitting in the middle decide to check with average hands and waits to see the opponents’ reactions. If you raise out of position, then you can eradicate the chances of players with average hands and the bluffers of late position.

What you can do, if a player behind you comes up with a hand? If the call is flop, you can shot at your turn; if the call is check, you can river. Just release your hand, if the player pressurizes you on the flop. If you have had done semi bluffing by taking shot, just give up now before it becomes too expensive for you. Remember not to bluff very often and just use it occasionally so that your unpredictability helps you to win the pot and eliminate the opponents’ chances.


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